Confidence Activated

October 14 - 16, 2022 Orlando, Florida

You deserve MORE (and you know it).

More happiness. More fulfilling friendships. And yes, more wealth.

Confidence Activated is the ONLY event where women are celebrated for wanting more and where high-level coaching and practical application are prioritized over superficial motivation.

When you join us for THIS, one weekend in Orlando, Florida on October 14 - 16, 2022, you'll experience more breakthroughs than you've had all year. Period.

You will be fully immersed in a weekend of wealth literacy that will completely transform your legacy.

If you are ready to not only listen to strategies but actually TAKE ACTION in the room, then give yourself permission to be wealthy and join us at Confidence Activated 2022.



Why Permission to Be Wealthy?


Spoiler: We're not talking about becoming a Bezos Billionaire. We're talking about the kind of wealth that equals personal freedom.

Freedom in the personal realm, just as much as in the financial realm.

Let's Keep it Real: You want more MONEY.

But deep down, there's a part of you that feels guilty for wanting "material" things. Maybe you're afraid that by wanting more money you'll be contributing to the problems of capitalism. Maybe a part of you worries that having more money might lead to more problems. Maybe every time you start to gain momentum you hear a voice in your head asking, "Who do you think you are?"

Or maybe you've never had any of these thoughts and you don't feel guilty at all for wanting more money but you think that the only way you could ever be financially free is by working long hours and driving yourself to burnout and overwhelm.


You and I both know those are stories are lies that have been holding you back and keeping you from having more of what you want. There's good news!

More money in the hands of people who genuinely care about human beings means more opportunity to give back and impact change.

Harsh Truth: Even if we gave every single human being in the world the same amount of money, within a few years time we would end up exactly where we are today.

Why? Because greedy people will always find a way to get and hoard more. And people who are not educated in how to manage and multiply what they have will lose what they acquire. It's not just education, it's also about changing generational thought patterns and belief systems.

Confidence Activated 2022: Permission to Be Wealth will change that!

When you come to Confidence Activated 2022, I PROMISE you will leave those old belief patters behind and step into a whole newfound level of personal, emotional and financial freedom.

Freedom to invest in yourself without a second glance at the invoice. Freedom to spend money abundantly because you'll know how to make, manage, and multiply it. Freedom to connect with and be yourself around others without care or concern that you might get #cancelled and lose what you've already secured.

The ability to confidently create more money on demand - that's REAL wealth.

  • Real wealth is the freedom to choose without worrying about the cost.
  • Real wealth is the ability to make more when you need more so you can help others who need help, too!
  • Real wealth is the autonomy to be, do and become whatever you want most.

But first, you must give yourself Permission to Be Wealthy...

A Word from Your Hostess

I'm here to normalize a very unpopular opinion -

I believe you should be celebrated, not shunned, for wanting more.

It was my relentless desire for MORE that led to saving my life.

I'll never forget the moment I realized I was truly wealthy. And it wasn't because of the number of zeroes in my bank account or the net worth next to my name. Let me explain. In August 2019, I wrote a check for over $30,000.

Just one month prior I had been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer - the most aggressive form of breast cancer. I'd already undergone a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy to remove the cancerous tumor and three lymph nodes. My team of oncologists told me the next step would be a brutal 53 weeks of chemotherapy + immunotherapy and then 6-8 weeks of radiation.

The alternative, which I had learned about from watching a documentary, was traveling to another country and pursue the alternative integrative path instead of the conventional standard of care that was being offered in the United States.

I wanted MORE than what was being offered.

I can't begin to tell you how many people (family, friends, followers) thought I was crazy and making the "wrong" choice. But I held to my truth and began preparations to travel abroad. Then I found out the recommended treatment plan would cost $33,427.17.

And oh, by the way, no payment plans. My balance had to be paid in full before arriving at the hospital.

I remember having a deep knowing and confidence that I was worth this investment and that I knew exactly how to replenish my bank account after paying for the treatments.

Being able to pay for these cancer treatments - treatments that literally saved my life - is my definition of wealth.

Beyond helping myself, in the last 3 yrs I have donated tens of thousands of dollars to help others get medical treatments, cover bills for single moms in need, provide scholarships and more. But only because I gave myself Permission to be Wealthy.

For me, writing the check for life-saving cancer treatment was a wealth defining moment.

What will your wealth defining moment be?

Our Mission: To equip you with the confidence, faith and strategies necessary to help you access and create a legacy of wealth + contribution.

You're already confident. There's no doubt about that. Someone like you doesn't come to Confidence Activated to "get confident." No, you come to Confidence Activated to tap into the confidence and energy of the person you are becoming.

You come to Confidence Activated to be immersed in an environment with other high-level legacy builders where you will learn from speakers who are all multiple six, seven and eight-figure earners who not only make good money but do good things with their money.

Simply put: You come to Confidence Activated to be surrounded by people of excellence in a luxurious environment where, once you give yourself permission, you will unlock a legacy (and strategy) of wealth and impact.

If you are ready to step out on faith, truth yourself and bet on the best investment of your life (YOU!), then it's time to give yourself permission to be wealthy and get in the room at Confidence Activated 2022.

Join us for A Weekend of Wealth + Contribution

We will focus on three core wealth generators: connections, faith, & currency.

Be Wealthy In Connections

Leveraging Community to Create More Currency

Learn how to build and leverage your community to generate recurring revenue. We'll also cover how to create powerful connections with A Players in your industry (even if you think they're out of reach).

You'll walk away with a clear strategy to network, follow-up, and build your community. The result is more wealth, more contribution, more impact.

How to Create Faceless Income

We'll cover how to create profitable streams of revenue that don't require you to be the face of your brand. During this session you're going to learn how to utilize technology and your community to create monthly, recurring revenue.

You'll walk away with principles and a strategy to create wealth without being on camera or a forward-facing personality.

Be Wealthy In Faith

Embodying the Energetics of Money

Learn how to expand your unconscious/subconscious mind, increase your worth perspective, and expand your ability to create, receive and hold onto money.

You'll walk away with tested + proven exercises to incorporate into your day to day lifestyle so that you are never "stuck" when it comes to money again.

P.S. This isn't "spiritual, new age energetics." This is literally about the cycle and energy money has in our world.

Activating Faith for Financial Abundance

There's a science and an art to faith which is ofter misunderstood and understudied. When you learn how to activate your faith for financial abundance, the result is a rich life with unquestionable faith even during questionable time.

You'll walk away with scientifically-proven strategies and faith-based steps to help you activate your faith, boost your confidence and increase your profits.

Be Wealthy In Currency

Understanding the Neuroscience of Wealth

How you think, act, and treat money are a reflection of what's happening in your mind and brain. Learn how to rewire your brain, create new thought patterns and integrate the mind/body connection to embody the identity of the wealthy person already within you.

You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how to work with your thoughts and brain chemistry to help set yourself up to have the bank account balance you desire.

Give yourself Permission to be Wealthy

And not just wealthy in money -


Wealthy in FAITH.

Wealth in CURRENCY.

and wealthy in community + contribution!


"There's something about investing in yourself and being in the room that transforms you."

"This conference does more than make you feel good."

"Worth 5x the investment."

The Agenda

VIP Night -

Fri, Oct. 14, 2022

You're already a VIP in life and when you embrace that title at Confidence Activated you get more than just a pretty badge and front row seating.

Join us on Friday for a private evening featuring surprise guest experts in a very small, and intimate setting of outstanding individuals who have given themselves permission to be wealthy by investing in themselves first.

You'll be treated to an elegant dinner, drinks and next level conversation.

Hot seat coaching is also part of the VIP experience and this will be your chance to ask your burning questions in a private setting. You'll also get to spend time with other highly successful people in an exclusive experience that's sure to surprise and delight you.

Day 1 -

Sat, Oct. 15, 2022

Registration 8am - 10am | Doors open at 9:30am

10am - 1pm Morning Session Prepare to be ACTIVATED! Saturday will be a full day filled with powerful content and strategic action steps.

In between each session you'll have the opportunity to connect with other powerful women in the room as well as walk the ballroom and shop The Bodega.

The room will be filled with faith, confidence and money circulating all around and we want you to be in that energy and vibration.

1pm - 2:30pm Lunch Provided We are delighted to invite you to a special fellowship lunch where you'll have the opportunity to connect with other attendees and enjoy a delicious meal. (Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options will be available).

2:30pm - 5pm Afternoon Session We love having FUN! So expect the afternoon session to be lively, exciting, fun and of course, impactful.

After we conclude at 5pm, we encourage you to head back to your room (we've negotiated a fantastic room rate!) for a quick power nap or reset because the festivities will continue in the evening. (See the bonuses on this page for details).

Day 2 -

Sun, Oct. 16, 2022

T-Shirt Sunday

Doors open at 9:30am

10am - 1pm Morning Session Get ready for powerful + proven strategies to activate your business and elevate your life.

The Activation Squad (aka our expert speakers) will provide you with exact steps and action items for you to take as you embark on the next iteration of who you are deep inside.

1pm - 2:30pm LUNCH IS ON YOUR OWN Our venue offers nine restaurants and sports bars. Round up a few of your new friend and head to lunch together.

If you're an introvert (like your host, Rachel) there are plenty of grab-n-go options for you to be able to head back to your room for some rest and relaxation. Or, treat yourself to room service! Whatever you choose, just make sure you're back in your seat by 2:30pm for our afternoon session.

2:30pm - 5pm Afternoon Session

Sunday is the day you focus on activating and implementing everything you've seen, heard and learned so that you walk out of the room a completely transformed person!

Confidence Activated ends at 5pm, but we deliver powerful content right until the very last minute, so plan on being IN the room, fully engaged until 5pm.

"MAJOR "aha" moments!"

The Transformation Begins Before You Get in the Room

This is why we've added a few bonuses to help you get breakthroughs before you join us LIVE at Confidence Activated 2022 in Orlando, Florida

October 14 - 16, 2022

BONUS #1 The Summer Money Series ($1497 Value)

For ALL Ticket Holders who purchase before July 15, 2022

The truth is this - expecting to come to a weekend event without doing any pre-work and still be able to get the maximum benefits of the event is not an easy feat. If anything, you can usually see that the people who get the best results from attending a live event are those who have already had exposure to the event host and/or the expert speakers.

That's why this year we are leveling the playing field. When you get your ticket to Confidence Activated 2022 (before July 15, 2022) you will also get a seat to our virtual Summer School Series where each month (June, July & August) we will have a series of classes designed to help you do the foundational work that will help you get the absolute MOST out of your weekend with us in Orlando.

This of it as a pre-event mini mastermind. The Summer School Series will also help you meet fellow attendees so that when you finally meet in person, it's like a class reunion!

*Details for the Summer School Series schedule will be sent after you purchase your ticket.

BONUS #2 The Lite Pink Cocktail Party ($150 Value)

For ALL Ticket Holders

This is a very special party you will not want to miss! Join us on The Mangrove Lawn at our venue for the Lite Pink Cocktails & Mocktails Party on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022 from 8pm - 10pm. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, we promise this will be worth showing up for. We'll see you there!

BONUS #3 The Confidence Activated Orientation Party ($197 Value)

For ALL Ticket Holders

As a ticket holder at Confidence Activated, you’ll also be invited to attend a virtual orientation party where I’ll teach you exactly how I get the most out of attending live events, my signature event note-taking session and more tips and helpful actions to take before you get in the room.

Over $1200 Worth of Bonuses (FOR FREE!)

When you give yourself Permission to Be Wealthy and come to Confidence Activated 2022.

Let Me Ask You a Question?

Before you make a decision, is one of the first questions you ask yourself, "How much is it?"

If the answer is yes, money is holding you hostage, but it's not your fault.

In fact, your brain has been wired to think this way. You've been trained to see the world through the lens of scarcity instead of through the lens of abundance. So instead of seeing if it's something you actually want, you're making the decision based on how much it costs and if it's not the price in your "comfort zone you don't consider that it might actually be the very thing you need most.

Maybe it's a learned response, a trauma response, or the response to generations of poverty before you. Whatever the reason - it's up to you to change it.

What if instead of asking, "do I have enough?," you started asking yourself, "how much do I want to have and who else can I help when I have more than enough?"

What if instead of worrying about how little you have, you focused on how much can I make to help my family and my community?

What if instead of thinking you don't have time, you learned how to maximize your results through time and energy efficiency?

Your Thoughts about Money are Holding you hostage.

That's exactly why you need to be in the room at Confidence Activated 2022.

7 Signs + Reasons You Should Stop Stalling and Secure Your Seat to Confidence Activated, TODAY!

  • You’ve always had a sense of knowing that YOU were going to be the one to “make it” in your family.
  • Reading this page made you feel some type of way. You were somewhat triggered but also really intrigued. 
  • Even though it might feel a little scary because you’re kind of an introvert and COVID, a part of you actually LOVES the idea of being in a room, live and in-person with other people talking about money, legacy, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, and all the other fun topics you can’t ever discuss with your current circle of friends and family because they just don’t get it.

  • You already know you want to go but you’re waiting for your friends to decide if they’re coming too before you get your ticket. FREEZE. Stop doing that. You need to recognize that you are being called to enter new territories. Not everyone in your life can go there with you and if you keep waiting on them, you might just miss your blessing. (Plus, your bold faith to secure your seat might be the demonstration of faith they need to take action on their dreams. Be a leader, show them the way.)

  • You know that with the right strategy (for you!) and real implementable action steps you could be a millionaire in this decade.

  • You want more time and energy to enjoy all of the things you already have (as well as call in some new extras into your life), but beyond that, you have a passion project that will help so many others but not having enough financial resources has stopped you from bringing it into world.

  • You’ve made it this far on the page and you keep wondering, “But is this really right for me?” FYI: YES. Why wouldn’t it be right for you? The only way this wouldn’t be right for you is if you’re already 100% happy, fulfilled and at ease when it comes to your money, relationships, contribution and time.

The #1 Reason You Should NOT Attend Confidence Activated:

Confidence Activated isn’t for EVERY body. You should not attend if you have already achieved wealth in every single area of your life. You have all the money you’ve ever wanted, your relationships are thriving, you are giving as much as you want and helping all the causes that light you up, and your faith in yourself and God has never been stronger. AKA You are already living the wealthiest version of your life.

Otherwise... it's your time! Meet us in Orlando, Florida.

Getaway and Grow with Us

Our venue is a 5-star, one of a kind experience in sunny, Orlando, Florida. Walk into a breathtaking palm-tree lined hotel, relax that the upscale spa, or unwind at the water park after the event.

We've even negotiated special group rates for Disney tickets should you decide to bring the family and make it an extended getaway.

Confidence Activated has something for everyone in the family!

Meet Your Activation Squad

Confidence Activated always brings world renowned speakers to the stage and this year will continue to honor that tradition. Past speakers include Billionaire, NY Times Best Selling Author and Founder of It! Cosmetics, Jamie Kern Lima, “The Money Maven” herself, Patrice Washington, Tiphani Montgomery, Maya Elious - just to name a few.

This year your Activation Squad of Speakers include household names as well as the best kept secrets. If you’ve never heard of any of our speakers, it’s because they’re living the life of wealth incognito and have mastered the art of faceless income (which we’ll cover at Confidence Activated). 

I promise you this: If you’ve never heard of our speakers before, after attending Confidence Activated 2022 you’re going to wish you had learned from them five years ago.

Lia Valencia Key,

Mistress of Ceremonies

Lindsey Schwartz

Community + Currency Expert

Marshawn Evans Daniels

Reinvention Strategist + Best Selling Author


Be the kind of person who trusts themselves and secure your seat now.

Coaching with these speakers would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Their programs and keynote speaking fees all start in the five-figures and you get access to learn from them for a fraction of their rates.

Your Ticket Options Include:

**PLEASE BE ADVISED: All tickets to Confidence Activated are NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please read that again. There are NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Tickets are transferrable to another person up until September 17, 2022. Please email info @ for transfer details.



  • All Access to Confidence Activated on Saturday + Sunday
  • Access to the BONUS Pre-event Summer School Series (+limited time replays)
  • Access to the BONUS Confidence Activated Orientation Zoom
  • Delicious Lunch provided on Saturday Only (GF, DF, Vegan, Veg options available)
  • Access to the Saturday night Lite Pink Party
  • Save $$ when you pay in full!
  • Exclusive VIP Only Friday Night Mixer
  • Front Row Seating on Saturday + Sunday
  • Signature Event T-Shirt included for T-Shirt Sunday
  • Private Q+A Lunch with Rachel on Saturday Afternoon
  • Access to all session recordings in private online portal so you can relieve the experience on-demand


For a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Save $100 and pay only $697


Need a Payment Plan?

We've got you covered!

For your convenience, we’ve added a flexible 3 Pay Option.

$239 Today, then 2 Additional Payments of $239 (charged every 30 days)



Exclusive VIP Only Friday evening session (4PM - 10PM)

  • Exclusive VIP Only Friday Night Cocktails + Mocktails Mixer
  • All Access to Confidence Activated on Saturday + Sunday
  • Front Row Seating on Saturday + Sunday
  • Signature Event T-shirt included to rock on T-Shirt Sunday (so fun!!)
  • Private Q+A Lunch with Rachel on Saturday afternoon
  • Access to the Saturday night Lite Pink Party
  • Access to all session recordings in a private online portal so you can relive the experience on-demand
  • Delicious lunch provided on Saturday and Sunday (GF, DF, Vegan, Veg options available).



Confidence Activated is a LIVE, in-person event taking place in Orlando, Florida, October 14-16, 2022.

It’s time to push fear aside and start believing in YOURSELF. Believe in the person you are being called to be. How would that person react to this invitation?

Would they doubt and delay or would they take action and figure out the rest as they went along?

Everything you want is on the other side of confident action.

The wealth you desire is waiting for you.

This is it.

It’s time.

Give yourself Permission to Be Wealthy and get in the room with us at Confidence Activated 2022.

This is NOT just another "rah-rah" female empowerment conference!

You’re not leaving the comfort of your own home just to get the same kind of motivational talk you can get from a podcast. And we’re certainly not going to inspire you without helping you get activated to move forward and achieve results.

OUR PROMISE: Before you arrive back home, you will have already experienced a new breakthrough result in your life and business.

I, Rachel Luna, and The Activation Squad of speakers joining you in the room at Confidence Activated are highly gifted at coaching, teaching and activating others to stop thinking and start being women who are movers, shakers, leaders and activators!

You Can Sit With Us!

You just have to get yourself in the room.

Come join us at Confidence Activated not just for the speakers, but for the people who will be in the room with you. The women sitting to your left and to your right. The women who are going through exactly what you’re going through. They have the same dreams and same challenges as you do. Get activated together.

People say that entrepreneurship is lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.



Got Questions?


Confidence Activated is being held in Orlando, Florida. Exact venue details will be sent via email once your ticket has been confirmed.

As usual, we have negotiated a special room rate for the venue. The rate and how to reserve your room will be sent via email.

*We HIGHLY recommend you book your accommodations at the venue to get the most out of the weekend.


ABSOLUTELY! My team and I have already been planning, coordinating and curating a unique experience for you. Whether you've attended past Confidence Activated events or this is your first time, I guarantee it's going to be an experience!


We HIGHLY recommend you plan to book and stay with us at the event Venue. The space is absolutely gorgeous. 

Additionally, we’ve negotiated a great rate for you!  Please be sure to book your room as soon as we email you the link.  We have a very limited number of rooms available at the special rate and I want to make sure you get the best possible deal.  This is NOT the kind of thing you want to wait until the last minute to handle.  Every year our room block sells out!


VIP Tickets include dinner on Friday as well as lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Elite Tickets include lunch on Saturday ONLY. Elite ticket holders will be responsible for getting lunch on their own on Sunday. The venue features 9 restaurants, sports bars and grab n’ go dining options.


Fly into Orlando International Airport. It's just a 20 minute car ride from the venue.


We recommend arriving on Thursday evening (for VIP ticket holders) or Friday morning.

The event will end on Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time. We recommend you book either a flight after 9pm on Sunday or staying overnight until Monday.  This will ensure you don’t miss any of the event.


No.  This is a LIVE event and there will be no live streaming available. We’d love to have you in the room with us. Hope to see you in Orlando!


This event will be centered around women, but husbands are always welcomed as

As far as children are concerned, we welcome young, mature children ages 12 and up who have an entrepreneurial spirit to attend.  Please note, husbands and children ages 12 and up will need their own tickets.

*FUN IDEA: Since the event is being held in Orlando, Florida just 15-20 minutes away from all the theme parks, why not come in a few days early or stay a day or two later and make it a family event? Just an idea! ;-)


YES! If you are interested in being a sponsor, please email for more details.

Vendor opportunities will be announced soon. Please note: you must purchase an event ticket separately from your vendor fee.


It’s your party and you can wear what you want. Seriously, one of the main goals of the weekend is to help you break free from being concerned about the judgment of others.  Wear whatever feels good. Wear whatever makes you feel confident. Wear whatever lights you up.  


There are no refunds. All ticket sales are final.  Any ticket purchased with a payment plan must be paid in full regardless if you can attend or not. While tickets may not be refunded, they are transferable up to September 17, 2022.


Be sure to check with your own tax advisor, but generally speaking, if you have a business and itemize your deductions, the ticket and travel expenses are most likely deductible! Yay!!


Tickets from last year are not eligible for transfer to this year. However, we have arranged for you to receive lifetime access to the recordings from 2021 and invite you to join us in Orlando, Florida in 2022. It's going to be amazing and nothing beats the experience of being in the room. See you in Orlando!


Childcare will not be provided. 

GOT OTHER QUESTIONS? Please email if you have any other questions.

OUR EVENT CHANGES LIVES - not just for our attendees, but also to the various organizations that Rachel Luna & Company contributes to. This year we are PROUD to be donating proceeds from all ticket sales to Hearts for Moms. Learn more about Hearts for Moms and how you can support their mission HERE.


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